Drinking Songs EP

by feat. Tiger

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This'll be the last (proper) feat. Tiger release, I think.

I've realised that the sort of music I wish I was making these days wouldn't really fit in anywhere alongside the sad-bastard type of songs I've traditionally put out, and if I'm to try something new I should probably just lose the name entirely...

Anyway, these ones are all kinda disparate and desperate, but I guess that's fitting really.

They're either the most or least honest songs I've ever written, but if you asked me I really couldn't tell you which was the truth.



released April 10, 2016



all rights reserved


feat. Tiger Newhaven, UK


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Track Name: House Party
My voice cracks down the phone and all along the table,
I slur my words but I remember the tone.
Look up and blur at all the fuzzy-haired angels,
Hoping one of them might take me home.

I slip outside and try to bum a cigarette from
A guy who bullied me in school, I think.
I know celebrities, dealers and policemen,
The shit I tell people when I've had a drink.

I try not to exist or pretend to play possum,
I aim to exit without opening doors.
But failing that, I will enact another plan of action,
Anything not to end up on the floor.

My pocket warns me if I'm running low on friendship,
Devices help me to keep track of my lies.
Think I'm near an ex's place, I text ahead to check if...
No reply, oh well, that's no surprise.

Groggily wandering around, tripping over stretched legs,
Well, puffed-up dickheads, they deflate in the end.
And I waste so much time, my mind's a total asshole,
I'll fall to pieces if I can't make friends.

A drink is like a dance I'm better at it in my bedroom,
Alone and thinking about somebody else.
It's been good to get out but if this is what it costs me,
I think I'll keep my dances to myself.

Must be nearly morning, cus I'm almost out of liquor,
The people mingle to meaningless effect.
Seemingly I'm bleeding, I exacerbate the eczema,
Go home and masturbate until I've nothing left.
Track Name: The Learning Curve
Mom argues,
Son lies,
Jane laughs,
You cried,
Dad snoozes,
Lou giggled,
Jess flirted,
Hannah riddled.

James slurs,
Jack tries,
Kane hurls,
Will drives,
Dan bruises,
Matt kisses,
Sam dances,
And I message.

Coco knocks,
Luke barges,
George sings,
Emily bargains,
Jake loses,
Stu lurks,
Poppy chooses,
Theo smirks,
Fran suffers,
Joe turns,
Oh won't we
Ever learn?
Track Name: track 3
The kitchen's full of surprises,
And my habitual disguise is wearing thin,
I haven’t slept with anyone,
Since December 5th.

Mildew laps at my window,
People tell me they’ve been through what I am suffering,
Well, what do people know,
About anything?

I’m scraping a 2:1,
I sleep twice as often, I take so little in,
I treat my mom like she's a burden,
She feels like she can't win.

And I’ve got friends that love me,
No matter what becomes of me, they’re so protective,
And yeah, I’ve got some friends,
I’d love to have slept with.

I don’t want to stay inside,
But today wasn't designed with me in mind,
Oh, it’s somebody’s day
But it sure ain’t mine.

And I’m drinking like Sinatra,
So I’m thinking now’s not the best time to make friends,
I'm sure we're better off,
This way in the end.

Well, what's a problem you know you've got?
What's the point in trying when you can’t stop?
I’ve been fucked over,
And underfucked.

And yet I know that it would take,
So much more than a lover to make me complete,
So why do I fall in love,
With everyone I meet?

I want you now more than ever,
But in your presence I never know what to say,
Well, everyone’s alone,
It’s just that kind of day.

And even if I could spend,
Every day in bed with somebody new,
All I would think about,
Is you.
Track Name: The Last Waltz
We never learned to waltz,
Yet it seemed to mean something to me once,
And I know now you never will,
At least not with me or my elephant feet,
Talk to me before you leave,
Your floral dress spins minuets,
In my other-worldly dreams,
Where I’m counting to keep you in time,
But you never stepped to the same beat as my dumb heart.

I longed to see you waltz,
And I’ll bet that you hadn’t a clue and hated dancing too,
But I won't know that now for sure,
Those answers lie in a private life that I don’t have access to anymore,
Every version of our past is locked behind a guarded metal door,
And my old key looks at me like,
"What did she make me for?
When she could leave you for Leigh?
Well then, what was the point in sharing anything?"

Oh Kate,
I wish I could see you once,
Just to see the tattooed V’s you both got on your knees,
After 3 months apart from me,
I feel like you were never who I always thought you’d be,
It’s as though your eyes weren’t blue,
But then if they weren’t, you would have lied to everyone else too,
And I wouldn’t be the only one,
Surprised to find that you could just move on, so please,
You know this is what I need,
To help make sense of how, you could leave.
Track Name: Drinking Song
I wish I had been more honest with my parents,
Wish I had never lied to them, but it’s not easy,
I don’t deserve to win.

I take control of my breathing,
Yeah, I could’ve spent the evening doing something I enjoyed,
Well, the chances of that were slim.

Am I just sucking up air?
Am I not in the right frame of mind?
I’m the best at making excuses,
Feeling sorry for myself.

I remember being sober then,
Moving over to pull you in,
You promised to stay by my side.

But now you don’t even remember me,
But then why would you remember me?
So I sink and I can’t go outside anymore.

Am I just fucking up again?
What can I say to change your mind?
I’m the best at those bad choices,
And feeling sorry for myself.

Oh the bed’s making excuses,
Feeling sorry for itself.
And the rest, all making excuses,
Feeling sorry for yourselves.

All because you didn't remember me.
Well then, why would you remember me?

All because you wouldn't remember me.
Well then, why should you remember me?