Lesser Songs 2 EP

by feat. Tiger

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I wrote all these songs in the last 24 hours.
They're weirder than the last bunch.

Next time I'll release something that a lot more effort has gone into.

Thanks for listening!


released September 8, 2013



all rights reserved


feat. Tiger Newhaven, UK


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Track Name: Creeping Tom
Follow you down the street.
It's not strange, I'm working up to a romance.
Lend me your fate and an hour or two, we could connect.

I've done my research.
You're a punk, but your idol's Paul Simon.
Take the wind out my sails, I'm excited, I don't mean to creep.

But I make the worst of impressions on you.
My voice, it will crack if it wants to,
it will ruin the show.

I'm aware of my space
and my hands, never look quite like normal hands.
I feel out of place, wherever I seem to go.

You'd be so good for me.
I can tell, you remind me of why we try.
Nothing can go wrong. For the moment, life is in my hands.

I'm not too good at first chances, it's true.
My eyes will blindly deceive me,
I will look like an ass…
Track Name: Missing Things
I found you years ago, unknowingly
I still don't know that much about you
But for a time you were the best around
You were a tiny obsession of mine

Wish it'd been possible for me to see you
You left before I could mark your influence
It's never a good time, to leave
But I feel like it matters

I should've made a better effort
Who did I think was stopping me?
Half of my life, I've chased my tail
Just imagine where I could be

Wish it'd been possible for me to meet you
You left before I could say goodbye
There's never enough time,
But it would have mattered.
Track Name: The Torch Light Song
This is the darkest part of the journey
Nothing to help you back into safety
I always travel, fucking my sleep up
I carry a torch light, in case of idk

A cat on the wall, it's the shadows that freak us
Down at the bottom, street lighting consumes us
Startled by youths, howling in darkness
Approachable man is ruined by weakness

It shouldn't be so easy to spook me
I know the dark can't actually hurt me
I'm frightened by my own imagination
You're frightened by what's really there.
Track Name: track 5
I see no cause to leave my bed
My standing is hanging by a thread
I'm feeling weak and uninspired
I've taken for granted my desires

I've been unsociable too long
My outlook is bleak, I don't belong
I wonder if it's just my design
Wallowing, I am out of my mind

It's a constant battle.