Lesser Songs EP

by feat. Tiger

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Here are a few songs I wrote this week.
They're simple and clean and I want to preserve that, enjoy!


released July 18, 2013



all rights reserved


feat. Tiger Newhaven, UK


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Track Name: The Big Horse
What’s another night?
Sterile, sleep inducing.
In the darkess and the shadows
and the screaming of cattle,
that you’re counting.

And you focus your grip
on the sail of a capsizing tomb.
(what a view!)
You swim down a lake
with the breadth of a children’s cartoon.

You’re prettier in winter.
Pretty like the bubbles
in a bowl, that you enter.
You splash your silly ways,
you’re a child,
you’re a kid,
such a fool.

Now you’re shaking violently,
sick to the gall of your bones.
Then you weaved my fears into dreams,
I wish you’d left them alone.

Neglected body, rejects the mind.
Your mouth is empty,
your head isn’t far behind.
Track Name: track 2
I can’t help but lie,
but I promise I’m honest with you.
I give bad advice
and some people listen.

I’ve made some bad calls.
I’m lacking precision.
I just want to talk,
it’s not my decision.

I ain’t ‘no thing’,
No I can’t be a walk-home man.

I’ll leave no trace:

I understand shame,
I try not to open new doors.
I’m a powerful waste
of a beating heart.

There ain’t no way
I can crawl back into bed.

Everything’s changed for the best.

There ain’t no way
we can share each other’s head.

Everything’s done, there’s nothing left.
Track Name: Nobody's Best
Once again, I’m left behind.

I’m nobody’s best,
Crop me out
of your favourite photo.

I can’t be your man,
I won’t be your stand-in lover.

This is a struggle
Who do I have to be?
To gain access into
your unpleasant company.

Once again, I’m left behind.

I’m sure you feel this way,
And I’m sure you feel it better.

Who are you trying to kid?
Strum your soft, simple chorus…

You are a chore
Please compromise with me.
Because I don’t know how I’ll take
any more misery.

Be quiet please, goddamn,
How clear must I be?
Just get out of my head,
You’re gonna cause a scene.

And once again, I’m left behind.
Track Name: Mutiny in the Stars
No gravity zone, the fear of unknown.
Unable to fall, you’re stuck in the mood.

Well everyone needs
solid ground,
Your mind caved in,
your feelings drowned.

So I take all the tubes out your arms.
You’re too far gone to hear my song.

La la la la…

You’re too far gone to hear my song.