Understated Songs EP

by feat. Tiger

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These are the 4 tracks that I've been crafting and cultivating for over a year now, so it's doubtful I'll be able to top them.

They're songs about guilt, attraction, dependency and embarrassment.
I'm proud and ashamed of them all in equal measure.

Thank you so so much for listening.


released October 4, 2013



all rights reserved


feat. Tiger Newhaven, UK


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Track Name: Me and My Bystander
“I saw it all,” she cried, and then
in disbelief, I wince to her,
how hard it must have been to share that with me.
My swollen hands reek of flesh,
and blood’s between the eyes,
and I see the fading vision of an actress.

It’s hard sometimes considering
the pain I stand to gain,
by weakly moving forward into winter.
Solemn in the pouring rain,
I hail a bus which falters,
to them I’m just another wounded solider.

“I saw it all,” she said, in hope that
telling me would lead to some action
on my part not to be idle.
But now exposed I’m choking,
on the webbing of her broken wires:
Strangled by a knotted Newton’s cradle.

Again I turn my mind back to
the lines which undercut your hand:
your frailty was a beauty like no other.
My knuckles - though unclenchable - keep
pestering the rest of me,
for a sign of remorse, or even hunger.

“I saw it all,” I wish I’d said
to you, that may have put to bed,
the rumours of your heart having been orphaned.
My testimony could have been,
enough to cast the role of every,
nemesis your mind has to offer.

I'm ashamed of all the times, when I
was looking where I shouldn’t have,
and saw something that could blow my position.
But I never tell a soul, no I'll never tell a soul.
I just couldn’t bear to infringe upon another.

No, I’d never dare infringe upon another…
Track Name: The Burden
A burden stood before me,
it was cloaked in your derision,
I was running wild.
I took my friend by the neck, and turned away.
There’s banging through the ceiling,
knocking on my windows,
as I live and breathe.
I am just a sober man, won’t you let me be?

But the burden’s patience withers
and it longs to see me slip,
back to blur and debris.
My friend, he opens up in panic.
It wakes me from the slumber,
though softly as if murder,
it is a wistful moan.
I close my eyes and imagine…

I picture you before me,
removed of all the chatter,
just think of what they would say.
One night outside of convention.
And the skin rolls off your body,
you drape yourself before me,
I am clutching straws.
Maybe I misunderstand you.

Now the burden is sat in silence,
whist I grapple with my intention,
do you know what I mean?
How I only want to listen.
The burden sees I’m weakened,
and it plants another treason,
in my rootless mind.
I press my ear against the wall.

Now I’m woken, I am empty.
I have finshed all my stories,
I have lost my way.
In uncertainty, I vanish.
Track Name: The Ivory Tower
Princess lives atop the world,
her judgement reigns upon us all.
An angry God, a stubborn cow,
an idol to behold.

A beauty built on jealousy,
I long for her to value me.
I show her all that I can be,
she responds with a yawn.

I help her whenever I can,
I have become a better man.
But Princess has a better plan,
and plenty other suitors.

I know that she is in distress,
but she belongs to helplessness.
I try to pull her from the well,
but she dove deeper down.

She watches over all the land,
and cackles with her chambermaids.
I hear her and extend a hand,
she drives a fork right through.

I do not try to take it out,
I see her ruling has been dealt,
Is this all Princess cares about?
I cater to my wound.

I see now I’m just like the rest
and though it hurts, I must confess,
I got myself into this mess,
I’ve no one else to blame.

And I thought that I was doing good,
but Princess says she understood
and did what any Princess would:
I’m thrown into a cell.

Though I am afraid to die,
I’m waiting ‘til that day arrives,
for one last look into those eyes,
while the Guillotine looms.

Yet under different circumstance,
I’d still give her another chance.
A thousand versions over,
I’m weak without romance.
Track Name: I've Not Got That Going For Me
I’ve been travelling for hours,
I’ve lost my notepads.
There is no point in faking
my way through the evening.
I’m trying to get to
the place where loving you
is just another thing
that some people do.

“You don’t look like your photo,
or talk like you ought to.”
You seem embarrassed,
when I reach out to touch you.
I drink like a weakling,
you laugh where you shouldn’t,
we crawl back to mine -
there’s nothing better to do.

I couldn’t help you,
I buried my head,
I’ve not got that going for me.
I couldn’t help you,
the shame keeps repeating,
I’ve not got that going
for me.

I can’t leave the bathroom,
alarms start ringing,
I hear something moving,
so I lock myself in.
I write you a message:
“I’m sorry that I’m like this”.
But everything tells me,
I’ve no need to say it.

I couldn’t help you,
I buried my head,
I’ve not got that going for me.
No, I couldn’t help you,
the shame keeps repeating,
I’ve not got that going
for me.

The last time I saw you,
you snored like a rhino,
I slept in the spare room,
'til late in the evening.
You’d gone when I came to
and you folded the corners.
So I sat at the bottom,
and stared out the door...