Unfortunate Songs EP

by feat. Tiger

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It's taken almost two years for me to write anything new.
I don't know how I feel about these songs yet, so they might not last too long.

Thank you all for everything.


released July 1, 2015



all rights reserved


feat. Tiger Newhaven, UK


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Track Name: The Night I Abandoned Mandy
I chose not to share my affairs with you,
On the night I abandoned Mandy,
I was worse for wear and callous,
But there is always a silver lining.

I hastened my exit, I made a remark
To you, about being weak-willed
It wasn’t a bluff, but I feel like I told you it
Just to keep you placid.

I left you alone, because I couldn’t commit
And I felt buried up to the neck
And I feel ashamed, but all the same
I’m glad of it.

As the night grew dim, I felt you again,
I remember the guilt and the pleasure
Your faith was restored as I returned to the floor
But my entrance, it only misled ya.

So I made my escape,
And the doors they swung wide
But I wasn’t swinging back with them
Something you said, took a hold of my thoughts
And there was no way to retrieve them

Now I am alone, because I couldn’t commit
But I’ve moved onto greener pastures
And I feel ashamed, but all the same
I’m glad of it.

Oh, I feel ashamed, but all the same
I’m glad of it.
Track Name: Redditors
My ignorance restricts me.
I can’t resist the urge to share.
I place you above me,
But I care.

All it takes is a late night
And a couple broken plans.
I’ll sharpen my offence.
I’ll fashion a new man.

Hack away at my interests.
Discover love in asterisks.
I bend ‘em ‘til they burst apart.
I beg for their sweetness.

All it takes is a late night
And a couple broken plans
I’ll crack you wide open.
I’ll cater to my fans.
Track Name: My Old Friends, 1-10
Content not available.
Track Name: Five Bad Days
The street’s unusually crowded
And my walls are too thin.
I pull the covers up over my head
And dive back in.
It’s taken 14 hours
To get back to my place of rest
And I’ve got one friend less.

I have to look for a new place
Somewhere not so loud,
But every step outside this house
Just brings me further down.
And although I’ve got some good friends
Soon to be coming round
Today I’ll send them away, and drown.

There’s a closed sign turning
In every shop that I pass,
And there’s a chill in the air
That’s built to last.
And there’s some children peeking
Through a hole in a garden wall
And singing “Happy” by Pharrell.

Tonight’s my first night back,
Out in town with friends
I know that I ought to
Try and make amends.
Because I lost my temper
When they couldn’t save her
And they found me down by the water.

Now it's late in the eve
And I’m out searching for
A gathering of all
The old friends of yours.
But I know no one among them
And oh, I should not have come
And I fail to maintain a conversation.

Whenever I’m back home,
I’m scared I’ll see your Mom
Because I forgot to send her
Your piano song.
And I avoided bars in town,
In case I saw Joe
Because I never know what to say to him.

One night after work I
Head to the Star,
I leave a spare drink for you
On the bar.
And as I'm walking home
I am so full of tears
I can’t believe it’s been a year.

When I’m back home I try,
To talk with somebody who
I thought that I could always call on
Out of the blue.
But so much time has passed
And she is coping fine
Or at least it seems, on the outside.

It wasn’t long after then,
The day finally came
Where I didn’t think of you
Or hear your name.
And I felt so guilty
When you came back to me,
That I swore I’d never leave you be.

I wish there'd been a place
That only we had shared,
That I could visit
When I get scared.
I miss you too much
To even comprehend
That I’ll never see you again.
Track Name: D.L.M.L.Y.D.
If you're after a favour,
A friend or helping hand,
Don't let me let you down.
Hold me to my commitments
Because I'm fucked without my plans,
So please, don't let me let you down.
Just imagine I'm sitting
With my head inside my hands,
Promise me, you won't let me let you down.
And although I'm prone to drink in bars alone,
I'll always be around.
So really, don't let me let you down.

I'm simple and forgiving
On the face of it I'm bland.
I put off work; I go to shows,
But I know you'll understand.

If you've ruined your evening
And you're stranded in the town,
You can call me; I will not let you down.
If you're drunk or you're boring
Or regret your one-night-stand,
I'll be near you, don't let me let you down.
And when no one gets your humour
And your punch lines never land,
I'm all ears; don't let me let you down.
Just don't put the blame on me,
Unless you really think you can,
But please, don't let me let you down.

And if you don't let me down gently,
I am not a stable man.
Things have to go my way,
I can't play the little lamb.

In your room, in your bed,
Spare a thought for this old ham,
Make me useful; don't let me let you down.
Unless you ask me to relieve you,
Then I couldn't give a damn.
I'm a faker so don't let me let you down.
I've been a flake, I've been a coward.
I mistake all my commands
For suggestions, but don't let me let you down.
And I crumble under pressure,
And I struggle to keep friends,
I am weary, so don't let me let you down.

When I'm drunker than I should be,
And my friends are in the crowd.
When I screw up all my lyrics,
And I speak the wrong way round.

But when I’m gone and forgotten
Buried deep within the ground,
Please remember I never let you down.
And if I did, I didn't mean to
I was likely in demand.
I may get busy, but don't let me let you down.
And I swear I'll make it up to you,
I can't afford the drama
Of losing, your friendship or romance.
Don't keep me in suspense much longer,
Put your life inside my hands
And please, don’t let me let you down.

D.L.M.L.Y.D. x4